Solutions for Water  Infrastructure

We can help you manage the lifecycle of your water and wastewater infrastructure. Build, design, and operate raw water transmission, treatment, and distribution systems to deliver potable water or sanitation systems to collect and convey sewerage and storm runoff for treatment. Our multi-discipline design solution will help you design and build better treatment plants. Our solution to plan, design, model, and analyze networks will help you to build better transmission and distribution systems.

Our operational solution benefits from the tight integration with design and modeling, and provides capabilities for network modeling, operational modeling, GIS, asset performance, and asset lifecycle management. 

Our water, wastewater, and stormwater solutions help you manage the entire urban water lifecycle. Optimize designs, manage leaks, prioritize investments, manage energy consumption, maintain assets, enhance operational workflows, and provide predictive analytics for better decision making with this software.

You can benefit from software that helps you:

  • Design and analyze water distribution systems
  • Plan urban sewer projects 
  • Design wastewater collection systems
  • Model network performance
  • Create master plans for water, wastewater, or stormwater networks
  • Perform urban stormwater management projects
  • Monitor and assess condition and performance of assets
  • Respond appropriately to outages and other emergencies
  • Design, build, and operate treatment facilities


OpenFlows WaterGEMS

OpenFlows WaterGEMS is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use decision-support capability for water professionals who design, plan, and operate water distribution systems.

OpenFlows SewerGEMS

OpenFlows SewerGEMS streamlines the modeling process to give engineers more time to design, analyze, and operate sanitary or combined conveyance sewer systems.