Solutions for Architecture and Engineering

As an architectural or engineering firm, you need to deliver the highest quality work on schedule and under budget. Whether you are a single discipline or multi-discipline firm, you need to equip your professionals, empower project teams, and collaborate with other project stakeholders. No matter what your role in project delivery or what type of project you need to address, we can provide your organization with the modeling and project collaboration solutions required to conduct your work.
You can leverage Bentley’s portfolio for use on any type of infrastructure project including buildings, industrial plants, offshore structures, utility and communications networks, railways, highways, bridges, and more. Our modeling capabilities span design, analytical, reality, and construction modeling, supporting most disciplines including architecture, mapping, surveying, civil engineering, structural engineering, plant engineering, hydraulic and hydrology analysis, and more. Wherever your project, we have solutions to help you do your very best work.

Our on-premise and cloud-based solutions for managing project work will empower your teams. Benefit from solutions for project collaboration, deliverables management, and engineering content management. Manage each project effectively, gain insight and consistency across projects, and protect your intellectual property in standards, catalogs, and work processes.


Bridge Design and Analysis

Bridge layout, design and analysis to meet all your project needs.

Building Design and Analysis

Building design and analysis enables BIM workflow process improvements for project delivery and asset management.

Rail Network Design

Optimize layout and design of rail track, signaling and electrification.

Road Design and Analysis

Enhance designs, improve productivity, avoid time and cost over-runs, and reduce project delivery time for all transportation projects.