Solutions for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

As an EPC organization, your project teams face new challenges every day. You need to deliver complex infrastructure and industrial projects on budget and on schedule. Your projects are larger and more complex. Your multi-discipline teams are more distributed than ever. You need to improve overall project planning, protect eroding margins, manage contractual schedules, and contain project risks, all while maintaining the highest levels of safety and quality.
You also need to be responsive to owners during project delivery. You need to consider lifecycle costs, coordinate during construction, complete commissioning, and plan for handover.  Whether you serve the infrastructure, power, oil and gas, chemical, mining, or water sectors, you can use Bentley’s integrated solutions to manage the full lifecycle of your projects – from planning and engineering, through construction, and into operations. 

Our solutions include multi-discipline design and analysis, construction modeling, project collaboration, deliverables management, WorkFace Planning, work packaging, and construction management. We address most architecture, geospatial, and engineering disciplines, with applications for design, analysis, reality, and construction modeling. Our on-premise and cloud-based solutions for managing project work will empower your teams to do their very best work. Manage each project effectively and gain insight and consistency across projects.


Bridge Design and Analysis

Bridge layout, design and analysis to meet all your project needs.

Building Design and Analysis

Building design and analysis enables BIM workflow process improvements for project delivery and asset management.

Rail Network Design

Optimize layout and design of rail track, signaling and electrification.

Road Design and Analysis

Enhance designs, improve productivity, avoid time and cost over-runs, and reduce project delivery time for all transportation projects.

Project Collaboration

Integrated project delivery and collaboration across the extended project team.