Open Roads SignCAD

OpenRoads SignCAD

With OpenRoads SignCAD you can quickly design accurate traffic signs that follow current federal and state standards. Design and define panels, route markers, arrows, text, graphics, and layouts all while maintaining alignments and spacing as you edit. OpenRoads SignCAD streamlines your design creation for projects of all sizes including roundabouts, lane controls, street signs, and major highway projects involving many stages and phases.

Take advantage of  OpenRoads SignCAD’s powerful features, such as truly automatic dimensioning, smart objects, and dynamic panels to rapidly create and optimize your next traffic sign. The entire Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is at your fingertips, not just as a reference, but as electronic standards that automatically design the traffic sign for you.

  • Fine tune your design and update existing road traffic signs with automated layouts
  • Save hours of design time with automatic dimensioning
  • Reduce review time and turn around accurate results, with built in standards tables
  • Improve project collaboration by opening your sign designs in MicroStation
  • Reduce tedious tasks with simple, automated operations using built in MUTCD, state, and federal standards
  • Minimize re-work by transferring sign design directly to manufacturing and plotting equipment


SignCAD includes state, federal, and MUTCD standards, road signs, and objects. Users can add their own standards and custom signs for their design. Design objects like route markers, arrows, symbols, panels, borders, lines, and fonts are defined by standard templates, ensuring that smart objects are created to respective standards.

Layout dimensions can be manually customized so that, even with automation, users can fully control the appearance of their signs, allowing for fine tuning of the design. SignCAD will maintain the alignment and spacing as you edit.

State and federal standards for traffic signs, layouts, and specifications are built into the software. Quickly and easily implement built-in standards for all your designs included in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

SignCAD allows you to easily import or scan any image to create new designs and combine several elements into new objects, integrating them into the sign library.