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Aquaterra Standard

Aquaterra is a professional software for channel and river engineering design. It integrates MIKE FLOOD and HEC-RAS hydraulic calculations with flood protection design, torrent and landslide control, and irrigation systems design. Using its flexible, dynamic data model, it supports BIM workflows and processes, and IFC standardized data format. Aquaterra Standard includes:


  • Survey data import and digital terrain modelling tool (CGS Labs DTM).

  • Support for Civil 3D in BricsCAD surface and 3D Grading.

  • Alignment, profile and cross-sections design.

  • 3D River modelling.

  • Points, lines and 3D solids projection to Profile View & Cross Sections Views.

  • Labeling and dimensioning tools.

  • Quantity Take-off & Mass Haul diagrams.

  • Riverbanks and river groins design.

  • Water level representation.

  • Interface for Civil 3D objects <-> Aquaterra.

  • Support for HEC-RAS hydraulic interface.


Aquaterra Ultimate

Aquaterra Ultimate includes everything in Aquaterra Standard, plus:

  • Support for MIKE-FLOOD by DHI hydraulic interface.

  • Support for 3D Solid objects.

  • BIM object property tools (manager/editor/filter).

  • 3D/BIM object clash analysis within AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and BricsCAD.

  • Import of Google Maps geospatial data in CAD drawing.

  • Import/Export LandXML data and Import/Export 3D/BIM model to IFC 4.2 data format.

  • Export 3D river model to Google Earth.


CAD Platforms

Aquaterra is supported on the 64bit version of the following CAD platforms:

  • AutoCAD or AutoCAD Civil 3D, versions 2018 – 2023.

  • BricsCAD Pro, BIM and Ultimate, versions V20 – V22.



Aquaterra provides you with two licensing options to suit your usage requirements, subscription or perpetual.

  • A subscription provides you the flexibility to use Aquaterra to suit your project needs, with a variety of subscription terms available (30 days, 90 days, 1 year, 3 years). CGS Labs Subscription license allows using an additional home-use single license for the subscription period.


  • Perpetual licenses are PERMANENT, they do not expire. You are free to continue using your license for as long as you wish. This provides you the security of access to Aquaterra whenever you need it. Maintenance is available to keep your software up to date and provides you the benefit of a home use license to allow you to use Aquaterra away from the office. Maintenance includes free technical support for CGS Labs software.


In addition to single stand-alone licenses, network license options are also available. This is a popular choice in larger offices, allowing multiple users to share a seat of Aquaterra.


Training & Support

Aquaterra software follows the classic river engineering design approach that’s why users learn it very quickly. The comprehensive Getting Started video series on CGS Labs Academy covers most of the common requirements. On our website, you can also find many tutorials, webinars, newsletter and blog.



You’re welcome to test Aquaterra for yourself, simply request a free trial from the CGS Labs website. Or contact us and we can arrange to meet with you to provide a technical presentation on its use. Trials licenses run for 14 days, and provide access to all key features.

Reference Stories

Read our customer reference stories and discover how Aquaterra helps engineers around the world.


Alm River flood study


The Alm River originates in the Almsee Lake and flows northwards for 48,800 km, where it joins the Traun River. Average longitudinal slope is 5.3 ‰. In the past, several flow and sediment control measures were constructed, among them 30 weirs, 3 steps and 13 ramps. The number of bridges crossing the river is also significant – 36.

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